Battleplans features a handful of heroes each with their own abilities and upgrades which may be used with a squad of troops in order to attack or defend an objective.

Current heroes (in order of unlocking):

  • Mason 
  • Balthor
  • Baba
  • Freya
  • Dyna        (500 gems)
  • Pepper     (500 gems)
  • Ozzy        (500 gems)
  • Grimm      (500 gems)
  • Iriel           (500 gems)

The first four Heroes are unlocked simply through playing the campaign, however all other heroes may be purchased with 500 gems each (the player recieves 500 gems upon unlocking Freya, which can then be used to purchase one premium hero).

Each hero has a different ability and overall skillset which players may use in combination which chosen troops in order to maximise offensive or defensive capabilities. For example, on defence, Baba may be paired with knights to stealthily recapture an objective without the attacker realising. 

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